Useful Techniques for Tasting Success in Online Gambling

Many people have developed apathy toward online gambling since they have a losing spree. Losing repeatedly has made them run out of money and nervous. However, it is interesting to know many people are earning their livelihood by successfully gambling online and earning a hefty sum of money! You too can be a winner and earning big if you know the right techniques of online gambling.

Get educated about the game

It is not at all a wise decision to start online gambling without having a fair idea about the whole system. Your poor decision may lead to draining out of all money in minutes. Try to browse through a couple of online gambling sites to learn the way it is played. It is very important to learn the rules of online gambling before you start playing. Continue reading “Useful Techniques for Tasting Success in Online Gambling” »

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How Do Gambling Institutions Grow Rich?

It may seem that an average casino is operating at a loss. In most countries, a better part of revenue of gambling houses is taxed from 75% to 90% (75% in Russia and 90% in the United States). In addition, considerable amounts of money are spent on on staff salaries and maintenance of the house. As a rule, the above average establishments offered free drinks and light snacks to their guests, while those spending or winning a certain amount are granted a free night in partner hotel. So how do they generate cash?

Casino games give their owners an advantage due to the difference between the expectation and the assigned rate, and the greater the number of games played, the higher the profit. Consider the case of roulette: in the European version of the game the house edge is 2.7% (in the American variant with an extra zero the number equals 5.26%). If a player bets on red $100 in 37 games, his theoretical loss will be $100, since the probability of zero is at least close to one. It is pretty clear that in a real game, everything could happen differently, but these values ​​- theoretical and actual losses – converge with the number of games, and this is manifested in mathematical house edge. Here’s how to calculate the gambling house advantage for the European roulette with one zero: deduct 36 (payout) from 37 (the number of cells) and you’ll get 1 (casino profit). To determine the house edge, divide 1 by 37 and multiply by 100% (1/37 x 100% = 2.7%).

A known law of large numbers, according to which the more we play the game of chance, the more predictable the total result is, works flawlessly and has a particular mathematical basis, which underlies the return to owners of casinos and slot machines. In the early days of gaming due to random fluctuations the casino could have suffered the losses, but by the end of the day, weekor month, when thousands of games are be played, the law take its course and leave the desired part of the the money in the pocket of the owner. Usually casino succeeds even more than expected by mathematicians, oftentimes due to rookie players. The exception to the general rule is obvious in blackjack and poker – this is where a skillful player may get the advantage.

It would be fair to say that online establishments that online casinos are characterized by more moderate appetites in terms of revenue. Online gambling houses still have considerable operational expenses, though they also invest in development of their gaming hubs; thus, you may want to check a decent example of online casino.

The algorithm of luck

If mathematics helps casino owners, they assist players, right? This question is asked a lot, but never answered comprehensively. The great French scientist Blaise Pascal in the seventeenth century, analyzing the rules of the game of dice, laid the foundations of probability theory. Another scholar, the Swiss Jakob Bernoulli, also puzzled over this issue and proved the theorem of large numbers. In 1928, another mathematical genius, Janos von Neumann wrote a book dedicated to the best poker strategy (however, he used to end up as a loser in card games). Learning maths is certainly helpful, though it is far from being a panacea.

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Online Casino Bonuses Explained

Over the past decade the number of online casinos has experienced an exponential growth, so today a rookie gamer is free to choose from zillions of online casinos. The rigid competition in online gambling leaves no other option for the business owners to reconsider rewards strategy on a regular basis to conquer new audiences. Below is a list of the most widespread bonuses online casino grant to the newcomers.

Welcome bonus is a reward paid to new players when they join the ranks of online casino gamblers and make the first deposit. Fixed bonus is a kind of welcome bonus, which is equal to the sum of the deposit made for the first time.

No deposit bonus implies granting a free bonus (typically, some amount of virtual currency is granted). This means that the player at least does not need to make a deposit to their casino account and received ‘real money’.

Actually, such bonus is a rare guest in online casinos; moreover, such offer is usually limited to tiny amounts, so that players can taste the real gambling experience.

Redeposit, annual and referral bonuses

Redeposit bonus is granted once the first deposit is made, several gambling sessions are complete and the user is willing to replenish the account by making another deposit. This is where online casinos tend to encourage their returning customers by providing an extra bonus. The percentage of redeposit bonus depends on the particular online casino; however, the amounts may even beat the amount of welcome bonus.

Granting an annual bonus is the way the casino encourages the loyal players through replenishing accounts with extra amounts of credits; in some online casinos online casino bonus accumulated throughout the year. Annual bonus may also be granted for a series of re-deposits (usually starting from 10).

Since virtually any online casino is always interested in attracting new players, the gaming house is always interested in rewarding players who brought friends into the game. Thus, online casino pays a referral in case a referred player makes a deposit and plays for real cash.

The voice from the past: sticky bonuses

Sticky bonus is another rare form of reward granted by online casinos. The essence of the bonus is that it always remains in the account: thus, replenish your account with $100, get a $100 bonus and lose $90 you will only be able to withdraw $10, since the $100 remainder is an irremovable bonus. To date, clean sticky bonuses are almost completely crowded out by phantom bonuses. If a sticky bonus remained in the account after the withdrawal of funds (allowing to play for real cash), the phantom bonus  is debited with the first withdrawal. Although now almost all the irremovable bonuses represent phantom ones, they are still oftentimes called sticky.

Remember that the online casino is not likely to grant bonuses without restrictions. These restrictions are also known as ‘wagering requirements’ and depend on the rules of particular online casino and nature of bonuses. Generally, the higher the bonus, the more rigid the requirements are.

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New Reforms for Online Gaming Proposed

When it comes to online gambling, the United Kingdom is actually in a very good position compared to the United States. While the latter still lags behind in terms of policies, implementation of new regulations, and openness to online gambling itself, the UK has been allowing casinos to operate such with hardly any hitch. In fact, they have also made their services available to other European nations such as Denmark and countries like Australia or Turkey.

New Proposal on Tax

However, some government leaders deem that reforms should be put into effect in order to improve the performance of these casinos as well as its contribution to the country’s economy. These include designing a tax policy for UK-owned gambling companies that are actually operating or based outside the country such as in Malta or several of the Caribbean islands.

A Call for More Openness

Moreover, in one of the recent issues of Echo News, James Duddridge of the Conservative Party was quoted as saying that it is high time for the government to let the various land-based casinos to offer online games to their patrons. Although the United Kingdom has always been receptive to virtual gambling, individuals can play the games at the comforts of their own home and that the operators should be licenced to operate in the country. This means that playing them inside the casino premises is not allowed, even if the person uses his own mobile device like a tablet or a smart phone.

A Safer Choice?

Duddridge believes that, on the contrary, it will be more helpful for individuals to play games inside land-based casinos as they can easily ask for help in any gambling issues. He also considers it a much safer approach to online playing. Nevertheless, a number also think that such setup may rob players two benefits of online gambling: anonymity and convenience.

Gambling may be a tricky game but if you have all the info on the best techniques and strategies of gambling like a true professional then there is absolutely no way you can lose, so read all the information you want to at Germany’s best online casino site and become a gambling master.

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