Dementia London

Public Service Events is pleased to present the Dementia Series 2013. Set in four locations across the UK, these high-profile conferences will feature an array of expert speakers who will outline the challenges faced in combating this spiralling condition and how better outcomes can be achieved.

There are currently 800,000 people living with dementia in the UK, costing society over £23bn per annum – twice the cost of cancer. With this number predicted to rise to over one million people by 2021, there is no denying the extent of the problem and the need for committed focus on tackling the issues. The government has recognised that poor diagnosis, along with low levels of understanding and awareness of dementia, have contributed to a national crisis.

The Dementia Series of events is for anyone involved with or affected by dementia wishing to hear the latest developments. Delegates will have the opportunity to listen, digest, debate and then reflect on information that will make a difference to their professional or personal lives.

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