The Top Advantages of Using Aqueous Industrial Cleaners

The Top Advantages of Using Aqueous Industrial Cleaners

Tightening laws and regulations around use of chemicals in solvents had led businesses depending on industrial cleaners astray. You have to clean your parts and equipments and also ensure the safety of your employees. On top of that there are legal environmental regulations and policies to comply with.

Luckily, many industries have been able to shift to greener alternatives while solvents used in metal degreaser bought from have also evolved to be more environment friendly.

Aqueous industrial cleaning systems can provide additional advantages which can help increase your productivity and cost. Let’s find out how.

Free of Hazardous Compounds

The aqueous cleaning liquid used for removing contaminants holds the main key to all the benefits. Unlike solvents, it is water based which makes it free of harmful chemicals.

They don’t have threatening levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like solvents which can cause central nervous system, liver or kidney damage.

Proficient Performance

The aqueous liquids can be as strong as solvents making them effective for use in industrial degreasers  standardindustrial. For example, the Firbimatic Spa range of aqueous industrial cleaners can remove all traces of tough debris like oils, lubricants and heavy soil.

You can clean a wide range of materials using various methods like spray, immersion and even ultrasonic energy.

Aqueous washers can be suitable as both non-metal and metal degreaser making it a versatile choice.

Low Air Pollution

Aqueous cleaning solutions come with lower hazardous air pollutant (HAP) content than solvents along with having less VOCs. That means they contribute less to air pollution making the air safe to breathe.

As aqueous washers don’t have the chance of emitting harmful vapours or creating air pollution you also don’t have to modify your working area eliminating unnecessary investment.

Safe for your Employees

Solvents with high VOCs and HAP content can lead to serious diseases and irritation of the eye and respiratory system if one is exposed to them on a regular basis. You also have the problem of strong odor which makes it uncomfortable and unsafe to work with solvent based industrial degreaser.

But aqueous systems are devoid of any such harmful consequences because they utilize a non-toxic cleaning material. Your employees can work safely without any concern of encountering occupation hazards resulting out of solvents.

Easy to Automate

Aqueous cleaning systems are easier to automate compared to solvent based industrial cleaners. Aqueous detergents are less volatile and reactive than solvents making them far more convenient to “drop-in” for replacing the previous cleaning solution.

Your productivity only suffers an insignificant loss as the easy automation allows you to quickly replace cleaning solutions.

Aqueous vs. Solvent based Industrial Cleaners

The main USP of aqueous industrial degreaser is that it is less harmful, less polluting making it safer for use in various industrial settings. But that is not to say solvent industrial washers are harmful.

The Firbimatic solvent systems use closed-circuit industrial cleaning process in hermetically sealed installations. There are no risks of solvent vapour leakage making it a safe cleaning solution.

In the end, it’s your need which will determine which of the technology will apply to you.

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