Solid waste treatment

Incineration is not the only way to dispose of solid waste. It is because the gases which are produced as a result can further pollute the environment. The solid waste management is regarded as VOC removal as it is highly toxic in nature. The methods which are related to the discard should be such that they never effect and impact the environment directly or indirectly. The solid waste management systems which are related to the industries do not use predefined parts as they are customized and depend upon the industrial requirements. The solid waste management has many methods associated with it. Each has its pros and con and therefore can be regarded as hazardous for the environment. However, the treatment methods which are regarded as hazardous by some as considered environment-friendly by others.

The main methods which are related to solid waste management are huge in number and therefore the choice for the industries is also vast. From odour control systems to landfilling it is very important that every solid waste management process is, first of all, studied then modified and then implemented by the industry. The major methods which are related to the solid waste management systems are mentioned as follows:

Thermal-based systems

The heat is the main factor which is used to treat the solid waste in this method. Open burning and incineration are the most common methods which are linked to this system. Thermal-based methods are a priority and are widely used all over the world. These methods are also criticized all over the world as they become a cause of air pollution. Gasification is another thermal based method which is used and it is best among all the thermal-based methods. It is highly regarded as one of the best ways and means when it comes to thermal-based methods.

Dumping and landfills

It is another common method of dumping the solid waste and therefore uses all over the world. It is used for electricity creation as well as it creates a lot of energy. Bioreactors are set up at such sites and the dumping is done in a manner that the waste is always available for use and the reactors never stop working. Though it is a tough decision to make as the costs associated are high but still, it provides the best way to dump the solid waste and to take advantage from it at the same time. For the organizations or industries practicing this method, it is a win-win situation.

Biological treatment

Such treatment makes sure that the work is done in line with the ISO standards. For this method, the chemical and biological reactions take place to make sure that the solid waste is disposed of in most environmentally friendly manner. Small invertebrates and microorganisms are used to make sure that the work is done in line with the most demanded standards of all time. In vessel composting is also done and under this method, the vessel based method is the best of all.

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