Can I file extortion charges

Extortion is an illegal activity which is performed to gain unlawful advantage, money or wealth of other. It is one of the forms of organized crimes and is still practiced by such gangs all over the world. The main point here to be noted is that actually getting the benefit is not extortion at all. Only threat or use of violent means is necessary to commit the offense of extortion. Solicitors Guru is an online directory of advocates which could be used to get the best defense for the offense under discussion. There are many solicitors with proven track record to represent the client for the offense. UK law firms in this regard have experience of many years as well. This shows the expert advice which will be given to the defendants ultimately leading to their release. In the UK extortion and blackmail is treated under the same law.

The acts which are used for charging the defendants in the UK are as follows:

  • Section 21 of theft act 1968.
  • Larceny act 1916 sections 29 and 30
  • Defendants might also be charged with conspiracy when it comes to extortion

There are several issues which are law points which should be understood. Only expert lawyers can get the work done for the defendants. Some points in this regard which should be noted are:


It is a relatively new form of extortion. However, e-commerce laws are applied for the defendant’s release and this can only be done if lawyer hired has enough experience to do so. Cyberextortion is a term which can never be treated as the normal extortion threat. Lawyers demand very high fees even before the case has started. No win no fee option is, therefore, the only way out – look for more info in the study concerning no win no fee matter. The defendant must make sure that the best lawyer in this regard is hired. These lawyers will get the work done without any issue and release is something which is sure.

Proving wrong allegations

Only expert lawyers can do this without getting defendants into any type of problem. As far as the UK is concerned there are many extortion cases reported where the law is manipulated. It is therefore up to the lawyers to apply their experience and prove the case wrong. The defendants should, therefore, look for that UK law firm which has ample experience in this regard. The law points should be manipulated in such a manner which ensures the release. Before hiring a lawyer legal or expert advice should also be sought.

What about victims?

A great deal of depression is faced by the victims as well. Lawyers of highest stature in the UK should, therefore, be contacted. Victims require good court representation to make sure that they prove the case. For extortion victim lawyers it is therefore very important to get a step ahead to help the clients. Extortion is an offense which cannot be proven easily in court. Victims should therefore first of all search for the lawyers and then hire the best among them for good results.