Scitech 2011

The UK remains a world leader in scientific research. Our universities attract the very best global talents and provide world-class research that can help us respond to wider societal issues such as climate change, food security and health inequalities. However, we have often struggled to take full advantage of innovative ideas and the knowledge that such research generates. We must get better at taking innovation into the marketplace as UK science can underpin economic growth. How can we increase R&D investment and promote greater collaboration and knowledge transfer? Encouragement for commercial lending and capital venture investment can help innovative businesses to thrive and forge a new economic future. Sustainable growth is dependent on our ability to generate new ideas and technologies.

“The challenge we face is to make the best use of our research base. If we get the environment right, the evidence is overwhelmingly that scientific research can contribute to economic growth.” David Willets, Minister of State for Universities and Science.

With public sector purse strings being tightened, it could be essential that private sector partnerships are developed further and the UK makes itself attractive to investment in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. It is not yet clear what impact public spending cuts and rising tuition fees will have on higher education and research outcomes, but it remains a concern. Will research and development be seen as an easy area to target cutbacks in investment?

Join us at SciTech: Innovation UK where we will be bringing together some of the leading figures in science, engineering and technology for a high-level meeting on how we can turn science into commerce.

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