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Online Casino Bonuses Explained

Over the past decade the number of online casinos has experienced an exponential growth, so today a rookie gamer is free to choose from zillions of online casinos. The rigid competition in online gambling leaves no other option for the business owners to reconsider rewards strategy on a regular basis to conquer new audiences. Below is a list of the most widespread bonuses online casino grant to the newcomers.

Welcome bonus is a reward paid to new players when they join the ranks of online casino gamblers and make the first deposit. Fixed bonus is a kind of welcome bonus, which is equal to the sum of the deposit made for the first time.

No deposit bonus implies granting a free bonus (typically, some amount of virtual currency is granted). This means that the player at least does not need to make a deposit to their casino account and received ‘real money’.

Actually, such bonus is a rare guest in online casinos; moreover, such offer is usually limited to tiny amounts, so that players can taste the real gambling experience.

Redeposit, annual and referral bonuses

Redeposit bonus is granted once the first deposit is made, several gambling sessions are complete and the user is willing to replenish the account by making another deposit. This is where online casinos tend to encourage their returning customers by providing an extra bonus. The percentage of redeposit bonus depends on the particular online casino; however, the amounts may even beat the amount of welcome bonus.

Granting an annual bonus is the way the casino encourages the loyal players through replenishing accounts with extra amounts of credits; in some online casinos online casino bonus accumulated throughout the year. Annual bonus may also be granted for a series of re-deposits (usually starting from 10).

Since virtually any online casino is always interested in attracting new players, the gaming house is always interested in rewarding players who brought friends into the game. Thus, online casino pays a referral in case a referred player makes a deposit and plays for real cash.

The voice from the past: sticky bonuses

Sticky bonus is another rare form of reward granted by online casinos. The essence of the bonus is that it always remains in the account: thus, replenish your account with $100, get a $100 bonus and lose $90 you will only be able to withdraw $10, since the $100 remainder is an irremovable bonus. To date, clean sticky bonuses are almost completely crowded out by phantom bonuses. If a sticky bonus remained in the account after the withdrawal of funds (allowing to play for real cash), the phantom bonus  is debited with the first withdrawal. Although now almost all the irremovable bonuses represent phantom ones, they are still oftentimes called sticky.

Remember that the online casino is not likely to grant bonuses without restrictions. These restrictions are also known as ‘wagering requirements’ and depend on the rules of particular online casino and nature of bonuses. Generally, the higher the bonus, the more rigid the requirements are.

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